OESI Audit Methodology

We are following the "best practice" concept in our audit
It is based on the following sources and baselines:

360 grade degree, which means both internal and external assessment of each part of online study process:

  • Teaching methodology
  • Professor and lecture competences
  • Learning materials preparation and accessibility
  • Student's involvement. Pre-course, in-course, and post course support
  • Technical facilities, including website, LMS, and other systems
  • Administrative facilities and office staff competences for on-line students' support
  • Mergeting facilities

Continuous improvement tools

  • PDCA Deming cycle
  • Total quality management
  • Kaizen
  • KiKaKy strategic improvement

Continuous best practice aggregation, adaption, and delivery

Post certification control

  • Annual confirmation
  • On demand audit
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