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CMM model 2.0 for Virtual Education is ready

Posted on July 19, 2023

Fast changes - AI (GPTs), virtual and amended reality, metaverses, and other cutting-edge technologies - spread across almost all areas of virtual education.

OESI demonstrates fast reaction and updates the CMM model to version 2.0 in 6 months!

What has been changed - 

 - Methodology is flexible to adapt to changes of VUCA world

 - Methodology can be adapted to innovative technical and software tools such as AI, VR, AR, Metaverses, but not limited to the mentioned

- Teachers try implementing virtual communications using some of the innovative technologies, i.e. VR/AR or virtual classes, or metaverse classes, etc. for better In-person involvement

- Strong policies of advanced tools implementation and opposing (i.e. GPT as an assistant, but not cheating with GPT tools)

- Proactively updates internal rules and procedures according to technological challenges

- Marketing and promotion in virtual reality, metaverses

- Website, social nets contain separate sections on virtual learning

- Omni channel communications are delivered, including VR, AR, metaverses.

Access to the CMM 2.0. pdf version