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Omni channel online learning

Posted on July 20, 2020

Best practice by Stefan Brahmer.

 Original post at LinkedIn


Having done a bunch of virtual classroom sessions now, I have come to the following insights I would like to hear your views upon

Insight 1 - it seems that there is not just one tool that fits all needs.

My primary tool is Zoom, but ITSec constraints have also forced me to use MS Teams and Cisco Webex Training. Looks like our training solutions need to become omni-channel ready.

For our stuff this means Video Chat and breakout rooms with screen sharing capabilities

Insight 2 - the quality drops when participants turn off / are not turning on the video camera during the class

Interactions and communication during the class takes a hit if there is no visual. I had to convince some individuals to try and what helped was to show them how to use virtual backgrounds (in MS Teams and Zoom that’s a generic feature)

Insight 3 - 4 hour segments are possible

I know that most folks prefer max 2 hour segmentation of class content, but that doesn’t work with our stuff if we want maintain the learning flow.

If you have a good number of team exercises and interaction in breakout rooms - it is quite possible to run 4 hours segments in my experience.

Interested to hear what your insights might be ?

Probably other opinions on how to improve the client experience.

Stay well!