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Digital pedagogy

Posted on May 21, 2022

On-line and blended class delivery is not the similar to a campus oriented.

Step1. Assessment of current course's syllabi and curriculum is necessary. What can be moves to online and how? What can be added - interactive components, self-paced learning tools, mutual collaboration activities, etc.?

Step 2. Perform "as is - to be" analysis. Where are we now, and where do we need to be?

Step 3. What CAN we do - assess level of readiness of teachers/professors, students, administrative staff. Update syllabi.

Step 4. Decide on LMS and communication tools. What can be delivered online, which supportive technologies do we need?

Step 5. Perform a pilot on a random groups of students and teachers. Are they ready to move online, can students organize their studies without direct supervision. What assistance is necessary - both methodological and technical.

Step 6. Assess pilot results. Finalize syllabi and curriculum. Start with predefined study programs.

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